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The University of Groningen has high hopes that alumni will stay in touch with us and with fellow students after graduation – for social purposes, to support us or to develop their career. The department of Alumni Relations & Fundraising and the Ubbo Emmius Fund support and organize activities and services for alumni. Mutual involvement between the University and its alumni is important to us. We offer various possibilities for continuing education and career counseling.

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Ubbo Emmius Fund / Alumni Relations & Fundraising
Postbus 72
9700 AB Groningen
T: (+31) (050) 363 7595
E: uef rug.nl

IBAN: NL 37 TRIO 0784906009

Ubbo Emmius Fund / Alumni Relations & Fundraising
Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 41
9712 EC Groningen
T: (+31) (050) 363 7595
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IBAN: NL 37 TRIO 0784906009

NameFirst nameTelephoneE-mailRoomFunction
H.S. Barkowitz, BscHana+31 50 36 38017
D. Bosker, MScDerk+31 50 36 33011Program Manager
J.T. Epping, BscJohannes+31 50 36 320021114.0105Project Manager Alumni Relations
M.J. GrotenboerMaureen+31 50 36 385871114.0112Data Administrator Alumni Relations & Fundraising
drs. E. KamphuisElise+31 50 36 371821114.0105Project manager alumni relations and fundraising
drs. R.D.J. KouwenhovenRemco+31 50 36 374420003Director Alumni relations and Fundraising, Director Ubbo Emmius Fund
P. Poppendick, MScPatricia+31 50 36 32808
S.K. Thunnissen, MASimon+31 6 3850 6039Project Manager Fundraising
C. TimmerRita+31 50 36 330611114.0112
F. VeenstraFrida+31 50 36 375951114.0005
drs. A.J. WolfkampBert+31 50 36 354560106Project officer
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