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Sustainable Society

Sustainable Society is one of the three priority areas of research at the University of Groningen. At the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences there is considerable expertise on this topic. The Faculty is also host of the Sustainable Society team which coordinates all activities on this topic within the University of Groningen.

Sustainable Society (SuSo) has a strong focus on societal transitions. The three main areas are Inclusion, Cooperation and Resilience. In our mission we stated that Sustainable Society wants to take on a responsible role within society. With our knowledge we want to contribute to addressing societal issues now and those that might occur in future.

Research in the field of Sustainable Society should create societal impact. We have an urge to contribute to global complex issues and contribute to creating new insights with an interdisciplinary approach. Sustainable Society is the University of Groningen´s strong pillar based upon Social Sciences and Humanities.

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