Fun Acre is one of the vintage miniature golf courses that were so well-liked in the 1960s and 1970s. the sort where several figurines made by hand decorated the various play holes. Most have been eliminated, leaving just memories and photographs. You sometimes come across one, and it may be quite amazing.

It’s present on 214 W Glenwood, Springfield, MO.

42 Years of History

In the Springfield Fun Acre checkout shack, Roger Roberts is slumped in a worn chair with two fans whirring nearby. Since 1972, Roger has owned and run Fun Acre. A 18-hole miniature golf course is present. On the other side of the shed, there are five batting cages that date back to 1974.

In 42 years, not much has changed on Fun Acre. 18 holes of golf cost $2.50 each round. Roger billed 75 cents in 1972.

The terrain surrounding Roger’s company has seen significant alteration since 1972. He bought an acre that had been taken from a neighbouring property. There were none around. Fun Acre is now located in the centre of Springfield’s residential area.

A Playful Acre

Even though we didn’t measure the area, we don’t think it is more than one acre in total. This naturally includes the parking area and the on-site batting cages. That doesn’t mean the entertainment value is any less. This is particularly true when you take into account that 18 holes cost $2.50. Where else can you get such a deal? Yes, the holes are rather basic. Some people are not as healthy as they could be. Crowds continue to assemble to play beside an elderly green dinosaur despite these little nuances.

You will discover the secret of this little attraction when you are there. Give the folks somewhere to pass the time and create memories. You will have a continuous stream of repeat customers as a result. As you play, you hear other people’s past visitors’ tales. Others boast about their highest scores, while some debate good approach shots. Children ran about looking for the next holes. People were enjoying this attraction everywhere.

Time to Visit

When school is not in session, it is open daily from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. They often post their hours on Google. Calling in the winter, March, and October is always the greatest option. For certainly, hours change according to the weather to keep clients comfortable.

On October 31st, winter hours begin at 2 pm and last until dusk.

On weekdays in the spring and early fall, hours are 12 to 9 p.m.; on weekends, they are 11 am to 9 p.m.

Adults must pay $3, but children just have to pay $1.75. Simply said, it is inexpensive.

Simply put, Fun Acre makes it possible to inculcate the love of golf in children while having fun with your kids. You can enjoy and have a wonderful time. You will simply love it. Playing golf at a young age will help your kids develop the gentlemanly wits for a successful life ahead and what’s better than developing memories.